Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yahoo! is hiring for Hadoop team

This might be of interest to the CSIX Cloud SIG. One of the best examples of new applications made practical by cloud computing is an Apache open source project named Hadoop. The biggest contributor (by far) to the Hadoop project is Yahoo! They are looking to expand their team as described below. Sorry, I don't have any internal contacts there. =Bill=

Yahoo! Inc. - Cloud Team SW Architects & Engineers - Hadoop, MapReduce, databases & database internals

Software Architects & Engineers Sunnyvale CA, USA
Yahoo! is looking for engineering team members to work on MapReduce and related projects that build database abstractions on top of Apache Hadoop. Understanding of distributed computing, databases, data warehouses, and especially database internals is a big plus. The Hadoop team moves as fast as any startup does, even though the scale of the problems it solves would make any startup founder deeply envious. We need engineers who can develop systems that can handle multi terabytes of new data daily and which runs on thousands of machines. The Hadoop team is growing fast! This is not surprising - all of Yahoo! batch data processing is moving to Hadoop, and we need many more great people to join this team.

For a complete list of available positions please contact An example of what we seek is below:

We are looking for great Software Architects & Engineers who have a wealth of experience with complex distributed software systems, algorithms, data structures, and performance optimizations. Understanding of grid computing, databases, data warehouses, and especially database internals is a big plus. Solid Java skills are required. Experience with agile development and open source development is desired. 6+ years of relevant software development experience are desired. Please advise me as to your interest and send me a resume. Also feel free to send me a LinkedIn invite so we can stay in touch.

John Wallace
Talent Acquisition Team
Advertising Technology, Cloud Computing & Search

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